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About Us: About Us

Meet Our Team


Certified Personal Trainer- NASM, OPEX CCP1
Certified Movement Specialist- NASM, RockTape
Certified Nutrition Coach- NASM, OPEX CCP1
Certified Testing Specialist


Corissa Geer

My passion is to inspire & empower women to heal from the inside out utilizing a holistic approach focused on movement, nutrition, detoxification, support & accountability.  As our certified testing specialist, you will find me implementing Inbody Scans, Metabolic Testing and Hair Analysis. With this specialized information for each individual, I am able to design a custom plan that will maximum the results for each female client to achieve their health goals. Every woman's metabolism, movement patterns, capacity for stress and health history is different; therefore, each woman's plan should be tailored to meet her personal needs. Let's take a deeper dive into who you are. You are special and deserve it!

Boardman Lake.jpg

Corissa Geer
Fitness & Nutrition coach for 6 years 
Owner of True Balance Life 
Mother of 4 

5 Fun Facts
1- She loves exploring the outdoors
2- She has over 500 Petoskey stones

3- Organizing is her favorite way to destress
4- She finds cooking to be her creative outlet
5- Powerlifting was her main sport in high school and she has competed on & off for the last 6.5 years



Certified Personal Trainer- NASM


Karen Kohut

My passion as a personal trainer is helping people realize their fitness goals with an emphasis on posture, movement, and strength. I have a particular interest in the effects of training on women in peri-menopausal through post-menopausal time of life. It’s truly never too late to begin your fitness journey and embrace and enjoy these very exciting years! I have been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years and have a deep appreciation for the body’s response to physical activity and mindfulness to overall health and wellness.


Karens Family.jpg

Karen Kohut
Blessed by the love and support of her husband and 3 children

5 Fun Facts
1- She's an Optometrist 
2- She started lifting weights at the age of 48
3- Her and her husband moved to Traverse City full time 3 years ago
4- She took up wood working as a hobby recently
5- She recused a dog from a shelter that could no longer care for him


Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

Corrective Exercise Specialist - NASM

Precision Nutrition Coach

Erica Mastromonco

I am passionate about working with others to create intentional healthy habits that are achievable, sustainable, and effective in nutrition and overall well-being. I love gathering all of the puzzle pieces together and figuring out the best way to help people grow in having healthy relationships with their bodys, body image, food, and lifestyle habits. I want people to leave a session with me feeling energized, equipt, and encouraged to go out and make their goals happen. 


Erica's family_edited.jpg

Erica Mastromonco
Mother of 2 Children

5 Fun Facts


Certified Yoga Instructor


Sam Mills

My passion is helping people become more flexible while also working being more mindful. I started my yoga journey about 10 years ago and realized the many benefits it brought to not only my physical health but my mental health.  I became a certified yoga instructor in 2020 and I am so very blessed to be able to help guide people on their yoga journey. I specialize in yin yoga and also offer functional breathing session. In my free time I love taking hikes, going to the beach, photography and spending time with my family.



Sam Mills
Mother of 4 Children

5 Fun Facts
1- The beach is her happy place
2- Besides being a yoga instructor, She's also a Paramedic/Firefighter
3- She has almost mastered the art of crochet
4- She has 4 kids ranging from preschool to senior in high school
5- She believes you can achieve anything with blood, sweat, tears & God

About Us: Team Members

Certified Pilates Instructor


Jen Safonovs

Pilates is very near and dear to my heart! As a young ballet dancer I suffered a serious back injury and discovered Pilates as a way to strengthen, heal, and protect my body. Ever since this experience, I have been passionate about using Pilates as a tool to improve core strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness in order to rehabilitate injury, lessen chronic pain, and enhance quality of life. I love teaching clients how to breathe differently, improve their posture, and increase their self confidence and belief in what their bodies are capable of. In addition to teaching Pilates, I am a lactation consultant and proud mama to two beautiful girls.


Jens family.jpg

Jen Safonovs

Mother of 2 Children

5 Fun Facts
1- She spent 15 years as a professional ballet dancer
2- She loves Italian and Mediterranean food
3- Fall is her favorite season, especially in Northern Michigan!
4- She loves cats and has had her 5 lb pet cat for 17 years- she is family!
5- Swimming laps is my favorite cardio


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