Meet Our Team



My passion is to empower women to heal from the inside out with a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, yoga & detoxing. In studio, you'll find me diving deep into testing clients (metabolic/hair testing) and creating a plan around their goals and test results. Every female body is unique and should be treated based off of theiI’m a lover of exploring the outdoors. I love the sense of freedom and being creative using my five senses. I enjoy power lifts and doing stability work when I’m training in my fitness studio. As a mother of 4 children, my days are full of activity.



My passion is helping people realize their fitness goals with an emphasis on posture, movement and strength. It’s never too late to start your fitness journey and be the best you possible! I have been in the healthcare industry for 30 years and am blessed with the love and support of my husband and three extraordinary children. In addition to training, I enjoy woodworking and gardening.



I am passionate about working with others to create intentional healthy habits that are achievable, sustainable, and effective in nutrition and overall well-being. I love gathering all of the puzzle pieces together and figuring out the best way to help people grow in having healthy relationships with their bodys, body image, food, and lifestyle habits. I want people to leave a session with me feeling energized, equipt, and encouraged to go out and make their goals happen. 



My passion is helping people become more flexible while also working being more mindful. I started my yoga journey about 10 years ago and realized the many benefits it brought to not only my physical health but my mental health.  I became a certified yoga instructor in 2020 and I am so very blessed to be able to help guide people on their yoga journey. I specialize in yin yoga and also offer functional breathing session. In my free time I love taking hikes, going to the beach, photography and spending time with my family.



Emily is passionate about the transformative quality of the yoga practice. By utilizing the 3 pillars of yoga- movement, breath and meditation- she carefully customizes each session to the needs of the unique individual, releasing their physical tension, promoting mental clarity and supporting present moment awareness. At the end of each practice, suggestions are given to each student as to how they might carry what they have learned off-the-mat and into their day-to-day. Yoga is more than just exercise, it is an opportunity for personal rebirth. 

Emily is also a mother, owner of Rebirth Supportive Services (offering postpartum doula services & prenatal/postpartum yoga), outdoor enthusiast, traveler and community supporter- she appreciates any opportunity to serve the greater good.