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5 Weeks of
Balancing Your Nutrition
What is it?


On this journey you'll track all your food. With support and guidance from a coach we'll make sure you have the correct macros & calories for your body & goals.


Our goal is to educate you and have you become confident in the food choices you are making by knowing how food, specifically macronutrients, effect your body. Articles, videos, blogs... we want you to truly understand the value food brings to your life to a cellular level. 


We have a support group to keep you on track during your good days & your hard days. You'll have access to coaches when you have questions, thoughts or concerns.

Also, special access to our Live Q & A
Thursday's @ 8:00PM


You will get out of this what you put in. Are you ready to commit for 5 weeks focusing on your nutrition and having a coach support you along the way? We are ready!

This work isn't easy and I promise you it'll be worth it!!

Who's ready for results?

How does this work?

1. Ask yourself- are you REALLY ready? On a scale from 1-10 how ready, willing and able are you to committing to these 5 weeks with a coach & committing to yourself?

2. Once you've decided that this is for you, click the link below and sign up. Once you sign up, you'll receive a message, within 24 hours, from one of the coaches to help get you started. 

3. Not sure this is a good fit for you? Text Coach Corissa @ 231-519-0808 and she'll help answer any questions you have about our 5 weeks of Balancing Your Nutrition.

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